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Bending and Shaping 3m Metal Sheets

Metallbleche bis zu 3m Länge biegen und formen

Lübke Lasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG has recently installed a new Amada HRB 2204L CNC press brake, allowing them to process sheets with a pressing force of up to 220t and a length of 3m. This addition to their machinery showcases their dedication to technological innovation, quality, and efficiency for their customers. The Amada HRB 2204L offers benefits such as precision, high bending speed, efficiency, versatility, and flexibility for various sheet metal bending applications.

The installation of the Amada HRB 2204L press brake expands the capabilities of Lübke Lasertechnik, providing precise and consistent bending operations for thin to medium-thick metal sheets. The machine guarantees high-quality parts, fast production times, flexibility in manufacturing, cost-effectiveness, safety, reliability, as well as expert advice and consultation throughout the production process.

The article discusses the importance of selecting the right tools in metal and sheet metal processing, considering factors such as material thickness, required bending, and desired angle. Different materials react differently to bending, and understanding these properties can help in choosing the right tooling for precise bending results. Modern press brakes like the Amada HRB 2204L offer versatility in producing various shapes and designs, including complex and unique designs that were previously difficult to achieve.

Advancements in press brake technology have led to the ability to form strong materials into complex designs, expanding possibilities in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction. Precision bending with modern press brakes has improved the performance and safety of aircraft components, durable and complex automotive parts, as well as resilient and innovative structures in the construction industry.

Overall, press brakes play a crucial role in metal processing, offering versatility and precision for a wide range of manufacturing tasks. With the integration of CNC technology, press brakes can handle more complicated projects effortlessly, ensuring high-quality production. Different types of press brakes cater to various applications, making them essential for producing a variety of products, from simple parts to intricate machinery.

Lübke Lasertechnik’s investment in the Amada HRB 2204L demonstrates their commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the latest technology, they aim to meet the production requirements of their clients effectively. Customers can reach out to Lübke Lasertechnik to experience the benefits of their advanced machinery and expertise in sheet metal processing.

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